Why, Lynch?

Please do not get my wrong. Private Jessica Lynch has endured much in the last year but I must ask what has she done that is so heroic? Her troops or platoon, crew, whatever they are called this week, went the wrong way and they were ambushed. Sad, I admit. She was taken hostage possibly raped, shot and tormented I’m sure. But what did she do to receive so much publicity. She was rescued she is not the rescuer.

When 9/11 happened you heard tales of heroism left and right, not that the ‘saved’ melted quietly into the back ground; it was just that the tales of comradory and altruism were pushed to the forefront. In a time when the event was so horrrific and uncalled for it was the acts of bravery that gave you a bright side.

Again I am not minimalizing what Lynch endured but I am curious as to why we are paying homage to her rather than those who saved her or the man who risked his life to tip us off.

This entire ordeal with this war has been plagued with unanswered questions. You get a sense of ‘don’t know, don’t tell’ all around it. Yet the bright side can still be seen. All these men and women of our military put themselves out there (yes they had a choice I know a few cowards sitting on the AWOL) to carry out there duty and that is admirable regardless of the circumstance so lets pay tribute to them all equally.