I went to cast my unnecessary vote today (sarcasm party of one) and the attendant obviously was only there for show. They voting booths were set up under the light so of course I saw more glare than screen. I hit the wrong candidate for the most important ballot, Govenor. I asked the attendant, more politely than she deserved, how to cancel the selection?

“You can’t, sorry”

Just so you get an idea, stand up spin around and talk at the same time. How in the hell can you effectively answer a question if you didn’t take the time to listen to it? I stood there fiddling with this machine thinking if I screw it up what difference would it make, my vote has already been jeopardized. Something said just reselect the incorrect choice, I did, and then I was able to move on with a calm state of mind.

After I was done voting I searched for the attendant so let her know of my new findings. When I explained to her that all you had to do was reselect the choice, she just looked at me with this look on her face that more than let me know I was not the first person she had give the wrong answer too.

I’m pissed about that. I’m pissed about the fact that someone left there thinking there was no way to correct there vote. Haley Barbour may now be in office because of it.

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