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I’m high on “E”

In the next 6 months I plan to be in the position to get a new car. So accordingly I have started researching the vehivcle that will be eligible for that purchase. For a long time I have been in love with Honda Accords. I think they are reliable and sterdy and for the most part all Consumer Reports have nothing bad to say about the dependability of Honda.

At least I felt that way until wandering to the Honda site to build a price my new Accord, I noticed they had a new vehicle in the mist. Its name was Element and I can’t let go. Yes ladies and germs I am high on ‘E’ for Element, of course.

Starting price for Elements are around $16,510. The model I want is EX 4WD with Front Side Airbags in Sunset Orange Pearl. It is priced at $21,100.00 + $490.00 destination and handling.

Technical Features

  • 160-hp 2.4 liter DOHC i-VTEC 4 cylinder engine
  • Real Time 4-Wheel Drive
  • Unit Body Construction
  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
  • 4-Wheel Disc Break
  • Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Distribution
  • 110, 000 mile scheduled tune-up interval
  • 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Safety Features

  • Dual-stage front airbags
  • 3-point seatbelts at all seating positions
  • Front 3-point seatbelts with automatic tensioning system
  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children
  • Immobilizer theft Deterrent system
  • Side-impact door beams
  • Interior Features

  • 270-watt AM/FM/CD audio system with 7 speakers including subwoofer
  • MP3/digital media auxiliary jack
  • Air conditioning with air-filtration system
  • Power front windows with auto-up/down driver’s window
  • Power door and tailgate locks
  • Urethane-coated utility floor
  • Waterproof FXCâ„¢ (For Extreme Conditions) seat fabric
  • Removable, flip-up rear seats
  • Fold-flat capable seating
  • Exterior Features

  • Side cargo doors
  • Composite body panels
  • Clamshell tailgate
  • Rear privacy glass
  • 16″ alloy wheels
  • Multi-reflector halogen headlights
  • Certain features have probably let on that this is not a car (SUV?) expected of my demographic. The core audience they were looking for were white males under 35. Being a Black female under 25 has pretty much shot that demographic off the scale. Seriously though the vehicle is selling well but it is to older white men.

    To be quite honest I think the truck is ugly but it is unique and scarcely scene, so I identify with its uniqueness, I revel it to a point. There is currently no 2004 model available and there won’t be at least until January ’04. The only changes they have made is that the keyless entry and security system will be standard along with the driver side armrest.


    I have found solace and its name is grouphug.us. The site is centered around confessing your deepest darkest secret for no other than reason than tension-release.

    I had a friend to tell me about this site where people anonymously reveal their worse secrets and confess their greatest sins. The site does not record names or ask for any personal info other than your volunteered confession. This site is governed by simple rules:

    the purpose of this site is not to tell funny stories or be as vulgar as possible. the point isn’t to get a thrill on posting lies about you and your livestock. the purpose, if there is one, is to offer a little bit of relief from your conscience. this web site is not a message board or an open forum. we’d love it if you would cooperate just a bit.

    the following is an incomplete list of things that will probably not make it through our crack team of confession-readers:

    gratuitous vulgarity (more than is neccessary to communicate your message)
    known urban myths
    all capitals
    obnoxious use of non-alpha characters (such as smiley faces)
    creative spacing and line-breaks
    obvious lies
    confessions about this site
    confessions that are not about you
    responses to other confessions
    phone numbers
    email addresses
    web site addresses

    the type of confession that will nearly always be included is the type where you simply place your cursor in the little box and type a note about a fault of your own, something you did or thought about and are not proud of.

    Scrolling thru some of the confessions you get a mixture bad decisions and devilish evils. All in all its just fun to read and relaxing to write. Why not confess?

    Why, Lynch?

    Please do not get my wrong. Private Jessica Lynch has endured much in the last year but I must ask what has she done that is so heroic? Her troops or platoon, crew, whatever they are called this week, went the wrong way and they were ambushed. Sad, I admit. She was taken hostage possibly raped, shot and tormented I’m sure. But what did she do to receive so much publicity. She was rescued she is not the rescuer.

    When 9/11 happened you heard tales of heroism left and right, not that the ‘saved’ melted quietly into the back ground; it was just that the tales of comradory and altruism were pushed to the forefront. In a time when the event was so horrrific and uncalled for it was the acts of bravery that gave you a bright side.

    Again I am not minimalizing what Lynch endured but I am curious as to why we are paying homage to her rather than those who saved her or the man who risked his life to tip us off.

    This entire ordeal with this war has been plagued with unanswered questions. You get a sense of ‘don’t know, don’t tell’ all around it. Yet the bright side can still be seen. All these men and women of our military put themselves out there (yes they had a choice I know a few cowards sitting on the AWOL) to carry out there duty and that is admirable regardless of the circumstance so lets pay tribute to them all equally.

    The Real Revolution

    I was reading all the bad reviews for this movie and I just do not understand. This movie was excellent. It had all the elements: action, drama, suspense. How could you not love it, unless you didn’t understand it?

    The bottom line is people don’t understand it. So this is a crash course for anyone who wants answers. Real one’s, not some fanboys idea of what it’s about. Please note, SPOILERS ARE ALL THROUGH THIS REVIEW.

    Here we go with the basics.

    Zion is real! The Matrix is not.

    The Matrix was designed to provide a mental stimulus for the human bodies connected to the machines as a source of power. This is the sixth version of the Matrix. There have been multiple versions of the Matrix because of a flaw in the program (kinda of like Windows). That flaw is giving individuals the ability to choose.

    The first Matrix was designed as a perfect uptopia (see pt. I – Smith explains it to Morpheus; pt. II – The Architect explains it again) but humans did not accept it as real so they just kept waking up. It was redesigned to reflect our civilization at it’s last stage before it was taken over by the machines (the year 1999).

    The Architect’s problem with this new design (the anomoly)of the Matrix is that it require individuals to think freely, i.e. choice. It was the Oracle that suggested he redesign the Matrix in this way. But since humans have choices, so must the programs sent to watch over them, i.e. The Agents, thus bringing us the problem that is Mr. Smith. In Reloaded, The Architect continues to speak of the anomoly he is unable to get rid of, which is why at some point, he feels the only solution is to destroy the Matrix and those who are aware of it (the people of Zion) and start from scratch again.

    The Oracle says it clearly in Revolutions. Mr. Smith is the result of the anomoly trying to balance itself. Mr. Smith began to think freely (see part I where he is freaking out while interrogating Morpheous) and the result was a negative one. Realize this, he is a similar program to the One so he is far more dangerous than a normal individual who makes bad decisions. Mr. Smith’s virus like behavior happened in EVERY VERSION OF THE MATRIX. The result would always lead to the same thing — a system crash if they didn’t quickly reboot the system. The same knee jerk reaction you have when you realize someone has sent you a virus.

    The One program was created to solve this problem. But each version of the One ultimately failed. Neo is different, in Reloaded he choose the door that led to Trinity, not the door that RESETS the program. Note: The Architect even noticed that Neo’s experience in the Matrix was different than all the rest, realizing he was the first of them to fall in love.

    Onto Revolutions:

    Neo’s choice has changed everything. The system is still threatened by Smith’s behavior, so the Oracle makes a new choice; one she has never done before because no version of the One has ever chosen the difficult path as opposed to easy one of just resetting the system. She allows herself to become merged with Smith in the HOPE that she’ll be able to help Neo when the time is right.

    Neo makes another unique choice. He goes to the machines and asks for PEACE as opposed to simply destroying the system by going through the opposite door as all other versions of the One did. It was a simple as that to save Zion. Machines don’t need very long to process that this may be a better idea than just constantly resetting the system.

    At the end, Smith says to Neo the movies tagline – “Everything that has a beginning has an end,” as the Oracle is speaking to Neo through Smith. Neo realizes it all along, the only way to end this is to sacrifice himself. The Oracle noted that Neo and the Source (the computer mainframe, the Architect they’re all one and the same so don’t get confused) are connected which is why he can control machines outside the Matrix. He uses this connection to his advantage. He becomes a Mr. Smith and since all the Smith’s are connected, the Source now has a lock on Smith and simply deletes him. Pretty simple huh?

    For those that like to dig deeper, than note the biblical references throughout the series. Heck, the French Man (Merovigchian) is the Devil, just read the elevator button Morpheous presses when he goes to see him for the second time. The Architect represents God – i.e. the creator of the world and its destroyer whenever things don’t go as he wants. He even has you to chose a select group of people to restart Zion again sort of like Noah’s Ark. Neo is Jesus, the one who realizes that peace and love is the answer, not war. And the Oracle represents the Holy Spirit – the conciousness that resides in all of us. It’s a deep trilogy if you PAY ATTENTION.

    (Originally posted at Yahoo! Movies by mikejwash@sbcglobal.net )

    Sick and Wrong

    At 410am Wednesday morning I will be nestled in a theatre seat watching Matrix Revolutions. Is that bad? Is it worse that I am already committed to see it again at 4pm with my best friend and again Saturday with my ex-boyfriend?

    I saw Reloaded a total of six times. That is just before it left the theatre. So to say the least I am definitely a fan of the franchise.

    I moved shortly after I bought the game so I did not get a chance to beat it (all my things are in storage other than my computer and my playstation…my preccccciiiiooouuussss). At any rate I am beyond excited. I will probably end up seeing the movie per friend probably all except T since she still isn’t talking to me. But I am beyond excited about this last installment.