How do you know it’s real? What-is-real?

What’s real for me right now is the anticipation of Matrix Revolutions. While I loved Reloaded I do not believe it touched its predecessor in sentimentality, form or depth. Quite frankly The Matrix was at its debut something we had not seen before. Therefore the sequel could not surpass it simply because of chronology not quality.

At any rate, I loved Reloaded but like Kill Bill Vol. 1 it left a lot to be desired. Which is all the more reason I will have my ticket in advance and make sure I am front and center for Revolutions.

I bought Reloaded on DVD Last week and have watched it only once, just to get a taste of desire for the final installment. I am beyond curious to see it will all end.

For me, the movies captured my hunger for asking questions. It allowed me to open a new realm of what reality is and isn’t. Or more abstractly what I perceive as reality. Which if you consider the very definition of reality, having to perceive reality raises its own validity.