The world of Blogging used to be a fascinating place to me. I have encountered the trolls, the sympathetics, the empathetics and the devils; advocates, that is. All in all it has been a feverish run. A run I have come to be weary of.

The fame of a blogger lives and breathes on his or her opinion. But I’m not looking to be famous. I am looking to provoke thought and insight. I was not being fulfilled thru my then current run of blog outlets. Partially because I was too concerned with the reaction before I could complete the provocation, which in turn stifled my writing.

I am not sure I am done blogging. The standard I had set for myself is currently out of reach. Sadly enough I am speaking in quality not quantity. I do not feel I have anything effective to say right now. When actually I know I do.

When I get over whatever this stump is I will return but right now I just do not have the energy to run with the pack.

10/31/03 No promises. Just out of pocket.