Why do we need religion anyway? Because where would you be without direction. We all need two things, somewhere to go and a way to get there, without it we are lost (Literally and figuratively). It’s all a manner of control. Religion gives us the idea that we are in control of those things physically out of our hands. Those without religion even toss in the air something has to govern everything. Some call it the universe but most call it God.

Religion gives us a sense of purpose, a reason to be. Insinuating we were without reason before. It allows us to see in ourselves what we hope to become and it gives us reason to believe becoming so is actually possible. Believe–believe-believe? See a pattern?

Believe is defined as having trust, faith and confidence in; to accept as real or true. Do we believe facts? No. Why? Because facts are incontestable, the truth as we define it is before our eyes. No proof necessary. Does that mean that anything not before our eyes is false? No but this gives reason to the necessity of belief: those things we can not put our finger on, yet have the experiences and/or revelations within our lives to know exist.

I have never seen wind or air. EVER! Yet I can feel it. I can feel and see its effects, so despite the fact I can not hold it in my hand, I know its there. Why can’t a higher power exist to which the same can be applied? I called out for help and help was given. I cried for peace and peace came over me. And what about the times when I was too blind to see for myself what lie ahead? Who urged me to turn away? Who laid the distractions before my path? Who causes my spirit trouble when I think all is well? Who controls the parts of my being I have no control over? Who loves me when I refuse to love myself? In hindsight I could say I control it all but during the time of discontent all I could see was confusion. If you can’t see clearly and there is no other person in the car, what happens? Hint: If you pull over its called suicide.

Why you? Why would God want to be apart of your life? Why not? The one thing you are guaranteed is free will. You always have a choice, even when the gun is to your head, your choice still remains. No one can take away your right to choose for yourself. We often feel when the consequence is heavy our choice is removed. No, your choice becomes distinct not non-existent. Even when that decision is to deny God it is still your choice to make. But what if you have been receiving protection you knew nothing about? Then one day it was presented to you and you denounced that protection?

Let’s say I have been following in the shadows all your life, keeping you from the perils that lurk about and one day through my own will I present myself to you and you curse me. I gave everything I was to you without you knowing and after I reveal myself to you and you curse my name, I choose to give you nothing. And then you start to have an open eye of those things that I once protected you from. You begin this path of wild and reckless behavior and when you are introduced to me again you curse me more, now for what I allow. But when I was there for you that was not enough, my existence and my purpose was not enough. You had to have more. So I allowed you to have everything. Everything I kept from you. And when it finally overwhelms you, and it will, you cry out for the protection. You seek out the answers that will give you the peace you cursed me for. Because the answers are what will give you peace, not me, right? I am not enough. Realizing this I show you what it is you need to see in order to grow until its time to allow you to see me once more, because the next time will be the last. The next time I will not have to show you, you will seek me out.

No you don’t need religion, its God that you need. And who doesn’t need someone else in their life who only wants to love them?

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