I’m only 24. La di da di da. Age is just number whether you are 24 or 64 if you have not grown out of childish ways, your age represents how long you’ve been acting like a child.

A fellow Blogger of the sinister cabal has taken offense to some comments posted to comments from a post that I made. I repeat ‘offense to some comments posted to comments from a post that I made’. Now she went thru the regular tirade of letting them know how racist they were and so and so. when people didn’t jump on her bag waggon as she felt they should, she clicked. she threatened to leave, threatened to delete her post and cause financial harm to the site by petitioning the sponsor: Amazon.

If I am not mistaken, and I often am, Blogs are for the purpose of stating your opinions. How can you get pissed at someone’s opinion? Even if it is that they do not like you? Its that one person’s opinion. Big Deal! Needless to say I stayed quiet, then finally I said:

Hmmm as a ‘person of color’ (like we all arent people of color) I do not know whether this will hurt, hender or harm ‘the Black Movement’ but suffice it to say I must be heard or read…

Painstakingly I must admit that Al, no matter how zealous and unrelenting in its efforts still deserves the right to express his opinion, no matter how unruling it may be. His unyielding attempt to provoke reactions is exactly the main reason I love this site. Its the left field attitudes that force the rest of us to either sh*t or get off the pot(excuse my french).

I can not speak for others but I enjoy that. Being of unsound mind and body I do not take pleasure in anything too easy. If there is no challenge there is no interest, so Al, Andy and Joe are all necessary. Were some of their comments out of line? Hell yea! But so were the Diva’s. She let her personal outrage remove her objectiveness causing her point to be moot. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

I don’t think what the 3 musketeers (yea I said it) said warrented her resignation, especially since it seemed she had been quite a contributor. If nothing else she should have been more willing and adamant about creating a presence that would supress what she perceived as their bigotry…But eh, what do I know?

To which I received a comment from said ‘upset Blogger’:
Dew, I’ve been cutting you some slack on the grounds of youth and naivete. End of that. What you’ve posted above is pure piffle

To which I replied:
You know I was waiting for the Diva to pick on the little kids too. Somehow I knew for her inanity, this was the only logical next step. And thats fine.

Unlike her if I am not mistaken I have in no way said anything at all disrespectful or demeaning about her or her work. So wouldn’t that make Mac Diva somewhat of a hypocrite? Or does that make me a neo-Confederate too?

If my thoughts to you are ‘piffle’, guide me. Confer with me and allow me the chance to become better in what you perceive better to be. But your rants are getting old and I haven’t even been here long.

Al could be the Grand Dragon if he wants to be but I will give him this when he insults he also disputes. Which at the moment is more than I can say for the Diva. It is much better to have a forum where opinions can be expressed, however conflicting they may be, rather than have intolerent attitudes on the streets where violence can erupt.

Am I young? Yes, admittedly. Now that we understand my reason for acting as such tell me Diva what is yours? As you would have people think: it was not that long ago I was playing in the sandbox. And, if I remember correctly there was always one person who had to have their way and if they couldn’t they threatened to leave the sandbox. I am terribly sorry to have bothered you with my piffle, but please if you are leaving don’t get sand in your shorts on the way out.

And in the indelible words of Faith Hill


I feel sorry for her for one reason: she started throwing insults. When all you can resort to is insulting people, basically you have allowed them to win.

To be quite honest, as I normally am, I admired the Diva. I would have loved to be under her tutelage because she had a lot to offer. I signed up for the Blog experience to grow as a writer not to coddle adults who can not stand to be disagreed with. If she’s upset be adult enough to self examine the real reasons why, but don’t strike at any and everybody because you have run out of ways to prove your point.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t even know what piffle was. So I looked it up. Am I upset she called my writing, which I thought was quite readable, piffle? No, I am upset she didn’t give me reasons why it was piffle. I’m all about growing and learning, but if this is what being an adult is about you grown folks can have it!!

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