The past 12 hours have been quite adrenaline packed; on and off the computer. I learned after Freshman year not to attempt to defend myself to someone who has you persecuted. Its a waste of time. They already have it set in their minds to see the worst in you. Surprisingly I actually learned that lesson.

I will be the first to admit I was more interested in Band than English in Junior High a folly that I am now attempting to correct. No my grammar isn’t the best but its the words that I am concerned with. Still I give credit where credit is due. I do need to make sure Punctuation is a class that I am registered for next semester.

On the B side of things, I am infected. Yes, infected. I am infected with these pangs of needing to relieve the angst of being so damn understanding. Hence my personal blogs. As humans we all deal with emotion in different ways. My way is to find an interesting way to write that emotion. Even when it comes out as babble. At the time of writing I am not expecting anyone to read it but me. Yes, I could write it on paper but the simple fact that I don’t have to settle for paper means I can explore all the options available to me and choose the one most adequate for the thought or emotion being expressed at the time. Simplified: different things come out different ways on different surfaces. Regardless of whether you are an artist or living human being.

Even though I take the bulk of insults lightly while charmingly smiling and returning calm but observative and reflective refutes, I am still quite human. And some people, well, some people will drive you to cussing. Fortunately the blood of Generation X flows thru so most tension is released with five small but powerful words: I don’t give a fuck.Seems rather infantile but it proves to be quite effective. As with any lie, if you say it to yourself enough times you actually begin to believe it.

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