Lesson 1
I know a lot of you didn’t get my first revelation, but now a lot of you will hear my second. First I’d like to say that it’s 3:20am, I’m in Wisconsin on active Duty and I don’t get off until 8am. So I’ve had time to really think over the last two weeks. Some of these things I’d like to talk about. As usual, please give me your feedback. Your thoughts along with mine bring understanding.

I can cry tears. Pain, joy, sadness. Even a stranger passing shows concern no matter the type. What of our internal tears. We all hold inside of us things we care not to share to the world. We let it grow and try to put it away, believing that it’s nothing more than a passing experience. Why can we not share it to allow others the chance to learn. I admit I do have things I’d rather not share, but I’m open. If you ask me I will tell. We are secretive people, each with our own specific ways about us. But that’s just a thought not my main subject.

My concern is with happiness. Do we look for what is best for us now or do we look for the best later? If we want something so bad we can reach for it. What if you reach only to see that it’s so far away. We all have goals and dreams, but none of us want to come short of those goals. So what do we do? Give up or drive on. I know sometimes we settle for what we have, not sure if it’s the best and afraid that nothing better is out there. Other times we have what’s best but believe that something better is out there. What do we do? Life has so many twist and turns, but no signs on any roads.

For three years I have been without a “companion”. Not until recently has it really started to bother me. My goal has seemed so close but when I stand there and look around no one is there. I question myself, but I realize I’m just me. I can only be loved for who I am. I stand with open arms waiting, patiently but carefully. I know God has a plan, but he just hasn’t told me what it is. Am I wrong for wanting to be loved? Is it wrong to want to love? Close your eyes and see your future, Does it scare you?I know to some it may be hard to understand, but most of you are deep thinkers and can feel what I am saying. Open your minds and let this make you think. Let it help you observe. Allow it to make you love. Please again I ask for you thoughts.

Harvey “Spike” Lee Thompson II
Goodfella.s.s. 4life

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