Whatever happened to trust? I was sitting here wondering why is it that nowadays, more than ever, people lie. Is it something in the water? At what point in time did it become ok to do this? I believe it has a lot to do with the way people want to be perceived. In an effort for others to accept them they feel that a lie is the way to achieve that goal. Why worry about what someone else perceives. When and if they see the “lie” they begin to act differently anyway. This is the problem with relationships today. They come based on lies. These lies become evident inside the relationship. This brings about the saying, “You’ve changed”. In all actuality they haven’t changed, it’s just the lie isn’t being maintained.

Who do we point the finger to? Of course we all would say the opposite-sex, but is this really the answer? Let us look at both. Who can honestly say I haven’t seen or heard a friend lie. Who can honestly say they haven’t told a lie to build a relationship. Honestly in meeting a person that seems to be your potential “friend”(a term I will discuss later) our goal is to impress. At this point we tend to believe that bending the truth maybe a little will help us obtain that goal. Understand what I’m saying now. The unsaid answer, the little grin instead of saying no, the avoiding of questions. This is not keeping it real. If I can’t be honest with you now, all I’m doing is making it harder on myself down the road.

Now the “friend” issue. Now more than ever the term friend is in use. To have a friend suggest that I do have someone I kick it with. This can go from just telephone conversations to sex every other night. A friend is saying I have no commitment to this person so I can do as I please. I’ll call etc. In some cases we see more than one friend in the picture. What do we call a man with more than one friend? Personally I see it as a way to escape commitment. Everyone says they’re young and have time. Well if you ask a few people on this campus who thought the same, but were victims of an unexpected case of herpes, they seem to see it differently. Don’t get me wrong, live your life party if that’s what you like, but if you’re not committed then your friend isn’t either. It’s so much out there nowadays and there is no way to protect yourself 100%.

I was just sitting here and all these things rushed into my mind. It was just something I really think about from day to day. I see it, I live it. The only things I trust are Goodfella.s.s. and my dogg. This is only because I know them. I personally think this is a good conversation topic also. So what are your views?

Harvey “Spike” Lee Thompson
“Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”
Goodfella.s.s. 4life

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