I was reading threads on my favorite show and came across this comment:

I don’t understand why everyone is hung up on there being “no black people on this show.” I understand that none of the main characters are black, but so what? Just because there aren’t any there it doesn’t make the show racist. It actually is more realistic, considering only about 12% of America’s population is black, why should there be a black person in every frame or the show. Did Family Matters, the Cosby Show, or any other show about a cast of black people have any white leading roles? No! And you don’t hear any white people bitching about that. Also, every time there is a position of power on this show, have you noticed they almost always tend to be black? Like 2 out of 3 of Chandler’s last bosses have all been black. When he goes to an interview, the guy is black, they do this all the time, because they cant introduce a new leading role 9 seasons into the show when they know its going to end a year later. Just a rant. I saw a comment on it in the paper the other day and just seeing what all you guys thin…Just for all the angry people whose feelings are hurt about the lack of color on Friends, the producers should extend the show for another 5 years and recast with all black actors and call it “Black Friends”. But then that wouldn’t be good enough either, would it?’

I think you would have to be black to understand sounds bad but its true. The phrase ‘it’s a black thing you wouldn’t understand’ plays deeply into this situation. I love Friends and I do mean love. I’m parked in front of the TV every Thursday watching, but as a Black person I am the exception not the rule. Most white people love the show because there is a character to identify with. That’s why Blacks have a problem with the lack of color as its being referred to here because where do we get to identify? Overall we shouldn’t identify with the color but with the personality and that’s where we are losing out.

Yes Blacks have plenty of organizations but if you can not see where those are necessary, your view of this country in a whole is very naive. I love when white people say ‘But Black People have BET and UPN’ (which is like saying, riding in the back is better than not riding at all right?), yes you could say that but compare that to the other 200 channels that cater to the white demographic and we are still under represented as all minority groups are in this country. Is it right for ‘The Black’ shows to be just as narrow-minded? No, it’s not.

My personal opinion is that its television and nothing on TV should be taken this serious. But Art imitates life (yea I said it) and thus what does it say when one of the highest rated shows which has been on the air for 9 years and has only had 2 Blacks in main guest appearance roles (and those have been in the last two years)?

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